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Days may pass and turn into years, but memories of loved ones will always stay for a life time. Alpha 1 Memorials are happy to contribute to keeping your memory toward your loved one as precious as it should. We can design and provide several kinds of headstones and memorials by monumental stonemasons Brisbane. We can help set the memory in stone which will translate your sentiments of your departed loved one in a truly tangible form.

As we have a long history in the headstones and monuments industry, we offer a wide range of quality monuments, memorials, gravestones, tombstones, grave plaques and markers, vaults and quality stone masonry in and around Brisbane. With several styles, we make available to you a variety of colours and suggest what would best suit your design requests. We also have full single, double, triple and larger monument cemetery memorials available with a wide splash of designs for headstones. We offer our customers Indian Granite as it is the stone type that is far superior to any other on the market. Now think about this – if the Taj Mahal has stood for all these centuries your monument should stay that way.

We can assist you with the colours we offer, the grain of the materials and what might better suit your memorial and headstone for the design that best sits with you and your family. A memorial or monument is a one-time project and cannot be rushed. We will walk with you all the way making available to you our expertise in stone masonry and construction to help you achieve your desired result.

Refurbishment / Restoration: Whatever state the monument is in, give us a call and we will examine the most economical way to restore or refurbish the site. Water blasting with a gernie, applying bondcrete, protective coating, exterior painting, be it masonry work, marble, sandstone, granite or any other material – give us a call and we will offer you advice without obligation.

To get a quote now. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice and information.

  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M01 - Regal Black (Light)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M02 - Vizag Blue (Medium)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M03 - Vizag Blue (Medium)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M05 - Regal Black (Dark)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M06 - Silver Pearl Black
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M08 - Twilight Red
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M027 - Vizag Blue (Medium)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M028 - Juparana
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M031 - Vizag Blue (Medium)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M033 - Vizag Blue (Medium)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M035 - Vizag Blue (Premium)
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M036 - Indian Aurora Premium

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Graham has been associated with the industry of headstones and monuments since 1982. He prepares all designs according to your requirements. Free hand sketches are submitted and you have the choice to make your changes. Until you see what you are looking for begin to take shape, we work to capture the concept you have in mind. With a Certificate III in Engineering-Mechanical, Certificate III in Stone Masonry and 3 years of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Graham is very qualified to take care of your project. He has been a project manager in Dubai overseeing huge construction projects. His knowledge in this field can obviously be drawn upon to your advantage. He, with his team, can create whatever you have in mind manufactured from classic Indian Granite in the design of your choice and specification. He also gives clients suggestions about the colour scheme and offers various original patterns that will enhance your final piece. Quite a few of those designs are for viewing on this website.

Alpha 1 Memorials services several areas include Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redlands, Scenic Rim and even in the Bush as far as Cheerbourg. We offer a variety of products relating to headstones, plaques, markers, tombstones, gravestones, memorials, monuments, mausoleums, chapels and vaults. We help you give effect to your sentiments and thoughts to perpetuate the memory of a loved one– however simple or elaborate the design or the structure, you can rely on us, Stonemasons Brisbane. Monumental masons who are highly skilled in the trade, and engravers on granite are on hand to meet the smallest need. Grief affects every one of us and we are here to extend our stone mason skills to you when you call us. Any size, any design monument or memorial, headstone or tombstone can be yours – call today.