Cemetery Memorials Brisbane – The Bouckillil Family – Mt. Gravatt Cemetery

“The Bouckillil Family Memorial Monument – Single Full Cemetery Memorial”

A1M – Single Serpentine – The Bouckillil Family – Mt. Gravatt Cemetery .

Polished Sapphire Blue Indian Granite Cemetery Memorials Brisbane Single Full Memorial in Single Serpentine style for The Bouckillil Family at Mt. Gravatt Cemetery.

Polished, Single Serpentine style, Cemetery Memorials Brisbane full single memorial created in Sapphire Blue Indian Granite, with ceramic portrait plaques of dearly departed accompanied by gold inscribed lettering.

Tastefully designed vases, also in sapphire blue Indian granite, are the only accessories for this simple, yet elegant, Single Serpentine style monument has been created for The Bouckillil Family and installed in the 3B section of the Mt. Gravatt Cemetery.

Hand crafted by skilled stone masons using only quality Indian granite, the Single Serpentine style single full cemetery memorial is one of our more popular designs, manufactured to Australian Standards specified in “AS4204-1994 Headstone and Cemetery Monuments”, and erected over concrete foundations.

Sapphire Blue Indian Granite

Sapphire Blue