1. When should I consider constructing a monument?

In most areas, we suggest a minimum of 6 months before any action is undertaken.

2. Why?

To allow for the grave to settle and any sinking of the soil to be satisfactorily addressed.

3. When do we talk to you?

We suggest that you allow at least 4 months before you talk to us as from our experience we find that people are stronger to talk about the subject after an initial lapse of time.

4. What happens next?

We discuss your preferences and requirements. This is translated to a drawing, which if approved is followed by an offer. Upon approval of our offer, we ensure that the soil has sunk to an acceptable level before we commence any work.

5. What about a second opinion?

That is always an option and a sound one too. Meet with other suppliers / monumental masons and see their works, understand what they have to offer before you compare quotes.

6. If I chose Alpha 1 Memorials what are your terms?

We submit a contract to you which is discussed and clarified point by point. All our terms are in print form.

7. Can I have more than one person buried in the same grave?

We find this to be acceptable in most cemeteries and in our design we allow for this possibility. In fact, we can offer you designs that will allow for more than 2 persons to be interned in the same plot – for all purposes and intents, a family site complete with all the names, etc.

8. What guarantee do you offer?

This is the most significant question and hence reserved for the end. On our materials, we offer a 10-year guarantee from manufacturing defects. Yes, even after 10 years the colour will be as good as new and we will advise you on how you can maintain your monument.