Ruby Red Indian Granite

Ruby Red Indian Granite
Name: Ruby Red Indian Granite
Density: 2615
Compression Strength: 196.9
Water Absorption: 0.07
Modules of Rupture: 23.9
Abrasion Resistance: 1.1


Displayed below are Headstone and Base, Full single Monument, Full Double Monument, Vault & Mausoleum type cemetery memorials, created or renovated by Alpha 1 Memorials, Monumental Masons Brisbane and where Ruby Red Indian Granite was used.

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  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M042 - Ruby Red
  • Headstones Brisbane - A1M049 - B G Black & Ruby Red
  • Cemetery Memorials Brisbane - George Lloyd Webly - Ipswich General Cemetery


We can supply Ruby Red Indian Granite, virtually manufactured in any design of your choice and specification.

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